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Clear & public declarations for equity &

against discrimination make our health institutions safer for everyone.


It is critical and important to reinforce our health institution’s commitment to serve everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, citizenship, immigration status, gender identity, sexuality, or insurance status.  The messaging is an important way to reinforce the commitment. Posters, buttons, and letters to the community are all great methods of communicating the message. In addition, consider using traditional media such radio and television.  Other ideas include a message of support on the appointment line/advice line voicemail or using social media.  Messaging should be accurate, clear, visible, in multiple locations (entryways, waiting areas, clinic rooms, etc), translated into several different languages, and show representations of different ethnicities.  


While it is important that messages are welcoming, it is also important that they do not overstate the legal capacity of an institution.  For example, promising that "You are safe here" is potentially misleading with serious consequences.     

Sample flyers in multiple languages for posting in highly visible areas: entryways, waiting areas, clinic rooms, etc.

Template for "All Are Welcome" buttons. 

Sample letters of support to patients & families from ZSFGH Children's Health Center (Arabic, Chinese, English, Spanish)


Communicating Safety

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