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Safer Healthcare: Policies & Procedures

In order to establish policies and procedures to prepare for an ICE visit, it is helpful to have a few resources, including:

-Algorithm to hang in the clinical setting for quick reference
-Summary document for quick reference
-Detailed document covering the procedures and the rationale behind them 
-Frequently asked question (FAQ) document for staff that combines information from the algorithm and the more detailed procedures document.

Consider including the following components in policies about supporting ALL patients:​

- Facility will provide care to all patients regardless of citizenship status

- Providers will ask about/document country of origin & documentation status ONLY if helpful in clinical care

- Patient presence in clinic & medical records will not be released to law enforcement without the appropriate warrants

- Policy for ICE encounters on institutional property: these encounters should be treated like a medical code (e.g. code blue) with tasks assigned and key people being brought to the site of the emergency.

- Clear outline of what is ‘private/ non-public’ property

- Staff are not allowed to let ICE officers to enter and search-Who to call: on- and off-duty hours-Clear plan for how to train providers in “Code Colds”

- Explicit clarification that “Sanctuary” is not a legal term

Below you will find examples of ICE Response policies & procedures that you can modify and adapt to your setting. 

Creating Policies to Protect Patients

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