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Every individual holds constitutional rights
while in the United States, regardless of citizenship status.


Information about civil rights should be provided to ALL patients, since these rights must be defended by every one of us during interactions with law enforcement, whether as a participant or bystander. Consider compiling key information -- Know Your Rights, Emergency Preparedness, and Legal Resources in an After Visit Summary (AVS) or information packet that is given to all patients.  The content of this section offers a variety of formats and languages to convey similar content -please choose according to your clinic setting and patient literacy preferences.

Of note, this website does not contain legal advice.

"Know Your Rights" Red Cards & flyers focusing on interactions with ICE or other Law Enforcement.

Family Preparedness Plans & Emergency Planning Toolkits

Support for Muslim patients, families, and communities.  Know Your Rights handouts about Anti-Muslim Discrimination.

Information about Public Benefits & Immigrants, resources for finding pro-bono or low cost legal aid, and information about immigration options.

Sample letters of support for caregivers of patients with medical or special needs.  Can be used if caregiver is facing deportation.

Handouts on ICE Raids, Rapid Response Networks, and resources for detainees/families with a detained love one.


Sample "We Are With You / Estamos Contigo" Info Packets and After Visit Summary (AVS) compiled by ZSFG Pediatrics 


Patient Materials

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