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Advocacy: Protests & Civil Disobedience

This section outlines how you can effectively demonstrate, protest, and express your voice. Below are applicable resources to use and safety tips to follow. 

First Time at a Protest?

1) The National Lawyers Guild Mass Defense provides legal observers for protests & legal support for protesters in the event of an arrest. They wear neon green hats.


Write their number on your arm in permanent marker before going to an event.


SF/Bay Area: 415-285-1011

2) Check out this blog for some helpful first time advice.

3) More resources below.

A Few Key Tips:

1) If applicable, use or "donate" your privilege to stand up for people at rallies who are more likely to be targeted by police and opponents of your cause

-If police are talking with someone or arresting someone, stand nearby to monitor the situation
-Use the ACLU Mobile Justice App, a camera, or Facebook Live to record the encounter (this is legal).

2) Always remember to follow the lead of those most affected by what you are protesting.

Protesting Safely

Amnesty International

Safety During Protests

Infographic with basic information about how to stay safe at protests.  

Northern California ACLU

Know Your Rights: Free Speech, Protests, &  Demonstrations in California

Link to page with full guide and one page handout (available in English & Spanish).


Know Your Rights at Demonstrations & Protests

Interactive webpage reviewing your right to demonstrate and what to do if your rights are violated.

A Quick Primer on Protesting

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