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Hello Child and Family Advocates!


As you all are aware, the Trump administration has been escalating inhumane atrocities at our southern border, with nearly 70 children seized per day from their caregivers, many detained in “tender age” shelters, then funneled into an already-broken court system. The recent Executive Order by President Trump is not enough and would place children in detention/prison with their parents.  The American Academy of Pediatrics has responded with their concerns.  This is nothing short of child abuse inflicted by a morally reprehensible administration. It is our responsibility as pediatricians, health care providers, attorneys, parents, child advocates, and civilians to rise up. Here is a mini-toolkit of some of many advocacy items you can engage in - many thanks to the AAP, UCSF-Misson Bay/Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland/Zuckerberg San Francisco General Immigrant Health Task Force, and community legal partners. The first step is to loudly condemn this administration's abhorrent immigration practices, using clear language: our government is abducting and imprisoning children; placing them in restricted shelters and ‘tent cities;’ and causing toxic stress that is hurting their development.  This is about humanity, not politics. 

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