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Supporting Materials

Our Sponsors:

Kaiser Permanente East Bay Area Sponsorship Program
The San Francisco Foundation

Our Supporters:

Alameda County Public Health Department                  San Francisco General Training and Education
                                                                                                    Programs for Underserved Populations
UCSF Child Health Equity Institute                                         UCSF Office of Diversity and Outreach


Our Activist Artists:

Take Action

Public Health Awakened
- Guide for Public Health Actions for Immigrant Rights

Panel: How Does Policy Affect Immigrant and Refugee Health

Rachel Ray, JD

Meileen Acosta, MPH

Duncan Lawrence,PhD

Workshop: Creating a Safe Space

Workshop: Know Your Rights (KYR)


Workshop: Documentation and Letters


​Workshop: Immigration Policy & Mental Wellbeing


Workshop: Working With the Media

Want to Learn more?

Workshop: Accessing Public Benefits


Panel: Policy Updates

​​> Mayra Joachin, JD

> Stacy Suh

> Bill Hing, JD

​DACA Resources
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