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In order to create safe space and protect our immigrant patients, healthcare providers need to have knowledge about the current laws and protections available to both providers and patients. 


Institution-wide trainings about immigrant and refugee federal and sanctuary policies, messaging, and advocacy are essential in disseminating policies in a standardized, consistent manner, so that institutional responses to emergencies -- similar to trainings in response to fire safety, active shooters, etc -- are coordinated and streamlined. Holding scheduled, ongoing staff trainings are especially crucial in ensuring that institutional policies evolve in step with changing federal policies and nationwide uncertainty, without compromising any of our institutional values. Moreover, prioritizing institution-wide trainings publicly reinforces the institution’s ongoing commitment to its unyielding mission of inclusion and equity for all members of our community who are impacted by xenophobia, discrimination, and hate.

Overview of current federal laws, and provider and patient rights. 

Sample protocol for in clinic or hospital response to ICE or law enforcement presence.  Rapid Response Resources including numbers to call and other sample policies & procedures. 

Reviews how immigrants, both documented and undocumented, can safely access public benefits and health care.  Some state specific details about which benefits are available.

Medical documentation and charting guidelines, how to screen and distribute information to patients, and ways to create safe spaces for patients

Guide on which warrants you need to follow and which you do not.

Provider Education

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